Chemical Management

Chemical Management Objectives

  • Optimize product performance and longevity.
  • Control/reduce excessive consumption.
  • Control and manage a Quality assured, JIT, Zero Inventory.
  • Create open lines of communication.
  • Report progress and preventive maintenance issues.
  • Increase productivity through less chemical related downtime.
  • Improve component quality through controlled product applications and processing Training of salary and union personnel in application, care and safety.
  • Reduce and control costs associated with program with detailed tracking of product and process changes.

Benefits that can be associated from our chemical management program include:

  • Total and complete responsibility.
  • Immediate response and virtually 24 hour service.
  • Real-time fluid system analysis and reporting.
  • A built-in preventive maintenance program.
  • Coordination and co-reaction to all three shifts.
  • Comprehensive employee training.
  • Involvement and interaction with your hazard committee, business units and functional Continuous phases of new technologies.
  • Control and reduction of overall costs.
  • Applicable product consolidation and recycling.
  • Less overall down time, more up time.
  • Status reviews on a regular basis.
  • Less time spend by your personnel on chemical problems.
  • Assurance that machine tool manufacturer's requirements are met.
  • Assurance of proper storage and handling of products.