Environmental Programs

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Recycle your oil with Metalworking Lubricant's Mobile Reprocessing Unit.

The customer’s storage forms an integral part of the oil reclamation process.

Normally consisting of a tank with either thermostatically controlled steam or electric heat, the customer settles gross amount of water through a process of heating and draining. Once the tank is oil full and settled, it is ready to be processed through our Mobile Reprocessing Unit.

The Mobile Reprocessing Unit is brought to each plant site in a tractor trailer. The trailer is fully equipped to undertake the following processes to reclaim oil.

A. Coarse filtration to remove particles of dirt down to 20 microns in size. A special high sludge volume filter is used in this stage.

B. Heating to 150 degrees F to reduce oil viscosity and supply heat for the water evaporation process.

C. First vacuum water distillation state. The warm oil is introduced into a high vacuum chamber through specially designed filters, which allow a high degree of water vaporization (or distillation) to occur.

D. Oil is pumped from the first vacuum chamber through three micron filters into the second vacuum chamber.

E. The second high vacuum chamber operates at a vacuum, down to 10 Torr and removes water down to residual levels of ten parts per million.

F. The super dry oil is collected and pumped through two stages of final 1/2 micron filters and if required, through a stage of "absolute filtration" as well.

G. Additive addition: Facilities exist to boost the additive package should previous analysis indicate the need.

The regenerated oil is now ready to return to your reclaim storage or clean drums.