Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance - Metalworking Lubricants Company  - iStock_000089386439_SmallTechnical Assistance

Metalworking Lubricants Company’s technicians will be assigned to your facility. The technical personnel will be trained in inventory control, product knowledge and will handle all inventories, SPC tracking, meter reading, labeling, diagramming, bar coding and the reporting of problems to appropriate area managers.


Metalworking Lubricants Company will look into the implementation and utilization of stationary jumbo bins for the storage of materials. This assists in the overall program by creating substantial reductions in handling, decreased chances of product contamination and less overall drums throughout the plant. Container stands will be brought into place to accommodate the program, where needed.

Data Collectors

Metalworking Lubricants will assist in the procurement of bar code equipment for introduction and trial. Training on the computer program from our database to your existing software and the format for reporting will be explained by Metalworking Lubricants Company. Appropriate Metalworking Lubricants Company technical staff will instruct your personnel on wanding and program details.