Communications and Reporting - Metalworking Lubricants Company - iStock_000041470466_SmallBecause of the experience in the development of Chemical Management Programs, Metalworking Lubricants Company is well aware of the importance of creating open channels of communication on an intra-plant wide basis.

A functioning partnership cannot fully develop and grow without the ability to relate information between partners and all involved members in an efficient and organized manner. Metalworking Lubricants Company will do its utmost to create this ability in a number of ways, which include:

Regular meetings

Establish regular meeting schedules with all management, specialty and functional groups. Document discussion topics and create resolution or action plans.

Defined reports

Generate a timely and comprehensive reporting system with focus on key parameters with defined objectives or goals.

Contact persons

Develop strong working relationships with key personnel to assist and utilize established knowledge and experience.

Regular review meetings will be conducted with attention to not only what has been done in the past, but also what the plans must be for the immediate and long-term future. The meetings are to substantiated by record and data from previous endeavors.

Metalworking Lubricants Company fully expects our management team to be actively involved with your business teams and other functions, which would have an effect on our program.