Metal Forming & Removal Coolants

Metkool - Water Mix Cutting & Grinding Fluids 

Metkool  711-G

General purpose conventional soluble oil

Metkool 251-G

All-purpose heavy duty soluble oil

Metkool 3300-B

Semi synthetic general purpose fluid

Metkool 10210TA or Metkool 10130TA

General purpose complete synthetic fluid

Metkool 1100

Complete synthetic grinding fluid for ferrous metals

Metkool 1300 SWL

Micro emulsion fluid for all metals

Metkool 100-JA

Non-chlorinated version of micro emulsion

Metkool 9700 SK-4

Active Sulphur soluble oil

Micromet 2001

"Micromet" micro-emulsion heavy duty machining fluid

Note: Metalworking Lubricants Company has over 10,000 formulas in our arsenal for your requirements. The above products are a brief sampling of our vast catalog of our product offering.

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